Review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 by a user

Why choosing the Lumix G5 ?

I took the plunge last September and bought the camera new ( usually I wait and buy second hand ). It is a good camera, takes great pictures. I really like the touch screen, for focusing and colour separation. As expected it is smaller and lighter than some of the ‘monsters’ from other manufacturers. As I have other Panasonic cameras and lenses it fits in perfectly. ( 14-140 mm is a wonderful lens).

So what are the cons ? Two in fact.The new operating system does not accept/work my Hahnel Combi TF for remote flash. I still have to use my older Panasonics and Olympus for this. I can live with this.The second problem is more fundamental. I have normal, man-size hands. When I pick up the camera, when I raise it to my eyes, when I do anything to it, the base of my thumb always hits the controls and brings up the ‘white balance’ adjustment on screen. Several times I have adjusted the settings without realizing and then taken shots at the incorrect setting. It happens so frequently it must be a design fault. I have e-mailed Panasonic UK about this twice, surprise, surprise they have never responded. It is not my hand, I don’t have the problem with my G1, GF1 or Olympus E620. I would like to give it 5 ticks but for this last reason feel I would be dishonest. I wonder if other users have experienced the same problem.