Number of backlinks of a domain

There is a redirect on the URL you want to measure the number of BL with SEO quake : problem

Use the yahoo BL capabilities by searching :

note: use as many -site: as needed to remove sidewides links

Marketing plan in a nutshell

PR- 8 different ways to go:

product placement (james bond, Pepsi)


research (a way to talk about your product)


Recycling good ideas like : the best job in the world became Sveriges bästa jobb and a scandal for Danmarks  tourism office that promote the consumption of alcohol and the use of natural ressources.

? where started the campaign? In Australia? How did it spread?

Find the synergies to get free ads though inovative partnershio (ex: a proffessional school that needs to developp its iamge… choose to take part of the security in the Mal and on the soccer field)

On which info, we should communicate, 11 criterias to get published:

  • Consequences on society
  • Celebrities
  • Stats
  • The freshness of the news?
  • How local is the news?
  • News
  • Polemical subject
  • Surprising

other criteria:

  • Exclusivity
  • A good picture
  • It on the topic that the journalist is following

Create data for a News Paper:

  • Get article about your vision in the newspaper. Local news papers. He s gonna save the world.
  • News : the result , we have sold that much, we have improve blabla
  • Clients testify that the consultancy firm blabla is best. China buys 300 millions of our product
  • The competitions. Best site of the year

How to contact the press:

  • What s the interest, the data a journalist woulb be interested in?
  • what s our message?
  • The seeting, should we help them? what action do we take? what image do we give?

Sendinga mail to a journalist:

  • presentation
  • info
  • proof
  • exclusivity

Si il n’y pas de news, il faut y réfléchir et la modifiée (potential park)

what to do when your joomla site is hacked?

  1. Check for a backdoor:
  2. -Access your site using ftp.
    -Check for the latest folder and files that have been changed. Are there any index.php files that have recently been changed?

  3. Check if the database has been corrupted. Check for Java Script and new user registration, their rights…
  4. Get the server logs to see what technic was used and which component is involved.
  5. Clean up, upadte the components and reopen the site (ftp site / 705)

Installing pear on WAmp


Command: cd c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0

Command: go-pear.bat

French version (

IF IT DOESN’T WORK if you are using php5.3.0 so you have refer to

1) Locate the “php.ini” file.  In my case, I found it at this path:


Don’t use the WAMP system tray icon to edit this file. It didn’t work when I tried – you have to manually locate it.

2) Find the following line, in bold:

;phar.require_hash = On


;phar.require_hash = On

3) Uncomment the “;phar.require_hash = On” line by removing the semi-colon.

4) Change “On” to “Off”.


phar.require_hash = Off

Fill in the fields. Done

ADD the Pear variable in your environment variables and check that the include_path=”.;c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\pear”

is in both of Wamps php.ini located at c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\php.ini and C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.11\php.ini.

Restart your computer

Installing the http_request package:

pear install Net_URL2

pear install HTTP_Request2-0.4.0 => install ok

Creating a Mailing list with swift Mailer and Symfony1.0

The Php mailer of Symfony 1.0 doesn’t handle important mailing list. No buffer, no Smtp server. The best is to use Swift mailer with a batch script processing in background…

Here is how to send an HTML email with the Swift Library with symfony 1.0:

Copy the autoload.yml in: myapps/config

  // Set up the Smtp connection using your google account
  $connection   = new Swift_Connection_SMTP('', 465,
  $connection->setUsername('' );
  $connection->setPassword('xxx' );
  // Create the mailer and message objects
  $mailer = new Swift(new Swift_Connection_NativeMail());
  $message = new Swift_Message
  ('Mail\'s subject', $mailBody, 'text/html');

  // Send
  $mailer->send($message, $mailTo, $mailFrom);
catch (Exception $e)
  // handle errors here

and in a batch file

$swift = new Swift(new Swift_Connection_SMTP(smtp_server_address));
$recipients = new Swift_RecipientList();
$message = new Swift_Message($email_subject, $email_body);
foreach ($addresses as $address) $recipients->addTo($address);
$swiftbatchSend($message, $recipients, $from_email_address);

What is Search Engine Optimization about?

What is SEO? How do we optimize?

Technically, we optimize the ranking when we build the site:
– rewrite URLs, pay attention that the Titles contain Key words, create Tags & Meta Data, RSS flows…
– We pay attention to the accessibility: we validate HTML & CSS and make sure that the site is entirely scrawl-able by the spider of the Search Engine

But the SEO effort don’t stop there. Once the site is running, we
– Submit site maps to the big 3 SE
Align the content with the targets and Keywords.
Develop Link Profile:
I suggest that an Inbound Link building campaign be undertaken across a three to six month period, adding between 20 and 100 links per month depending on the scale of the web site.
– Reference the site in Social book marking/Social Media
– leverage viral marketing and Article Marketing efforts
– improve paid search & landing pages and conversion rates.
– Create Link Bait: a free application/widget/award or ebook that bring attention of the surfers to the site and make them link to your website.

The rewards,
=> your site gets more traffic
=> it enhances the credibility of your brand and products.

What is the Value Proposition of SEO?

Why do we optimize?

1) traffic value
The first goal of SEO is to generate traffic. Bringing people to your website will generate leads or sales.
2) Company Branding
But the SEO has also another value, an implied value. People perceive the value of your product or firm depending on how well it ranks in the search engine. SEO becomes then an act of branding and establish company renown. This is especially true of top 10 listing of competitive industries/markets.
SEO is valuable because people associate ranking = company renown
Some research has shown that more than 35% of surfers believe that a top search ranking means the company is a ‘top one in its field’

Consult me to build a substantial SEO value and a successful presence on the Internet-

What is a web application?

What is a web application ? Technically, it is not very intersing: It is a program that you access via a web browser that doesn’t run on your computer but somewhere remote on another computer.

A web application can be a knowledgebase like Wikipedia, or a business platform like Salesforce or a communities of interest like


Web applications offer to their users the possibility to create and share information.

A revolution if the information is really valuable…

Imagine having a community discussing your products, highlighting their advantages and shortcomings, imagining for you what could be the features of your next product release!

Imagine creating a place where the best Europeans students meet the Top employers!

Imagine that I could create such a thing for you!