Drop of rankings after hosting a malware

A UK site got infected by a malware. A couple days later, its ranking were gone. Traffic down 70%.

Mid October, a UK site got infected by a malware. The malware spread though the ad serving system to different page types. The development team cleaned up the malware and patched the system in a day. After having cleaned up the site from the malware, I requested a malware review from the webmaster tools console.

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Looking for geo proxies to use with Advanced Web Ranking

I have been using trusted proxies that offers geo located proxies and parallel proxies for quickly set up rank reports. I am quite pleased with it.


I am not using AWR Cloud instead of the desktop version. It saves the cost on the proxies but it costs more… Your take.


Count the number Unique Items in Excel

I have stumble upon the only way to calculate the number of unique items in Excel and I am taking notes here

Add a column to the database and then add that field to the pivot table.

For instance if we want to count the unique occurrences of URL/Keyword, we shall add in the raw data:
- the row URL/Keyword in the raw data.
- In the first data row, enter a formula that refers to the URL and Kws columns. For example:


Copy the formula down to all rows in the database.
Then, add the field to the data area of the Excel pivot table.

source: Pivot technics

JP Cenney SEO spring clean up

The facts:


JP cenney has been busted for using is black SEO technics. After a 3 month penalization, everybody shouts “JP cenney is back in the search results!”. Let’s check it out





Google Farmer update in the UK

Has Sunday been a sunny day in the UK or has the Panda Google’s update already stricken? Crawl rates show that the bots are done indexing the UK sites. It should be a matter of weeks. Any thoughts ?

What is Advanced Web Ranking good for?

Review of awR coming soon…

How to get a kick a@! application ?

Your site’s design is the first thing people See
It should be a reflect of you in the Industry…

Make it easy for spider to crawl what you provide…

Best CSS framework for SEO

Everybody knows it is more flexible, better coding to write CSS yourself.

  • But is it more efficient?

I am very bad at coding CSS.

  • How can a grid help me out?
  • Which CSS Framework should I chose SEOwise?

My requirements:

I am looking for a grid that is SEO friendly:Where I can push upp or down the different modules so that the navigation appears after the main content of the page.

I need a good control over the Font css.

The nominees are:

Two frameworks stands out:  Blueprint and YUI frameworks followed by960 CSS http://960.gs/ (less known but that might be more SEO friendly).

YUI framework:
+ Template columns are source-order independent, so you can put your most important content first in the markup layer for improved accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

- Does YUI framework provide us with semantic CSS?



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Test of NS:

I will try to insert different elements into it:

Broken TWiTTs :(



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