My review of the Apple MacBook Air 11-inch

What is that make the MacBook Air 11-inch a very good Netbook?

  • I can’t believe how fast it is to come on.
  • Normal size keyboard makes typing easy.
  • Very responsive and easy to use touchpad.
  • Good battery life, excellent portability.

I have had 4 Acer laptops since 2004 and ALL have developed faults out of warranty (screen, battery) and become slow with each change / Windows updates. Went to shop to get an iPad mini as a backup for my Acer laptop and to try out Apple but out of stock. Played with the Air and Pro whilst there and went off to have a long hard think ……. did some reading up and bought one reconditioned from Apple online (saving nearly £200). It was absolutely like new and has full warranty etc etc.

It has taken a bit of getting used to but less than a month in I’m hooked. Liked it so much I bought an iphone 3GS for £90 and put my SIM in. SOOOOO much better than the HTC Wildfire – and my photos automatically turn up on the MacAir like magic. No regrets so far!