What is there to know about Hervé?

Currently I am fully enjoying myself working for PriceRunner where I am in charge of Search Engine Optimization.

In parallel with my daytime activities, I work (when finding time) on other web related projects and have my own company registered at the Swedish tax authorities

Graduated in 2003, with M Sc in telecoms from the French EPMI School of Engineering and in 2005 with a MBA from Griffith University, Brisbane – Australia, I have developed a holistic view necessary to understand better business challenges.

I have been developing Lamp based platforms using Symfony and Zend frameworks. For smaller projects, I have used other opensource plateform such as Joomla and Prestashop.

Web Development, SEO, Lead Generation, a holistic view of the Internet business…

email h.le.turdu@gmail.com

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  • Hervé Le TurduMy name is Herve Le Turdu.
    I am a 32 years old french* man with an inquiring mind and an enthusiastic personality. Get to know me better !

    *Pardon my English tainted with a strong accent and of many mistakes

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