Are tags an effective SEO strategy for newspapers in 2016?

The French newspaper just released a new navigation based on tags without any specific indexation rules. Does this bold SEO strategy have any long term chance of success?

Time will tell but the visibilty looks promessing and will be fun to keep on eye on it (Next check in 3 month).

leparisien indexing its tags generate thin content

As it is implemented now, the tag structure is a good test for a thin content penalty (if such a thing exists) but itr shows also an immediate success in visibility: The directory was immediately picked up in the search results and even if we can question the quality/quantity of the traffic it generates (as it is mostly branded), we can think it is not neglectable (+4% visibility for free).


But in a couple months, as the tag pages will get thicker, they might offer leparisien a great volume of decent landing pages for popular topics with little competition.

Google seems to appreciate the similar set up of the NY times tag section. The tag section account for 1/3 of the visibility structure of the new york times. Not bad.

The question now for leparisien is to identify the right tags… Here the New York Times clearly has an advantage through his BI:

Kepler: visualizing topics in the news from NYT R&D on Vimeo.