Why should you crash the SMX Paris?
By Herve le turdu

SMX Paris? A glass of wine, a slice of cheese and a slice of penguin in my sandwich…

One week to go before the SMX Paris! There will be the Seattle advanced SMX 2 days earlier and then Paris. But why should you pack you bag and get there?

Depending on what you eat for breakfast, you will find a dedicated program just for you:


  • Ranking factors conf (day 1)
  • The SEO Post Panda conf (day 1)
  • The algo changes that are coming up* (day 2)

Meet Philippe Yonnet, the head of SEO at Twenga, to get feedbacks on his Panda experience.

SEO conference Paris

SEO conference Paris


  • Ranking factors conf (day 1)
  • Link building : The mistakes to avoid. Words of advice from a black / pink hat Aurélien Delefosse

Further more there is a possibility to go for free to the Symfony hacking day on saturday, .)

That should help you to make up your mind…

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