how do search engines treat NoScript links
By Herve le turdu

How does Google treat NoScript links?

The Context:
It is not advised to use < Noscript > tags as it is an easy way to hide links or content. Most people Have Javascript activated and will not see the content included in the noscript tags.

<Noscript>Hidden content when Javascript is not activated</Noscript>

The SetUp:

You can test disabling javascript and you will see where my Noscript tag is located.

The Result:

The links included in the noscript tags have been crawled
The page they link to are indexed.(Test indexation)
Is link juice carried? My links are too weak to check.

Please let me know if you have carried out more test on Noscript tags and have a better idea if link juice flows through. /Hervé

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Test of NS:

I will try to insert different elements into it:

Broken TWiTTs :(



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