how do search engines treat javascript links

The Set up:

In a page, we embed a javascript code able to decode a couple of encoded base64 links.
I wondered:

  • Is Google able to run the complex JS code we are giving?
  • If the links are discovered, are the target pages going to be indexed?
  • Is any page rank going to be flowed though the Javascript links?

I am joining the code I use to decode the links:


The links I used looked like:

  Click here to reach my test page that was not indexed and had no pagerank

The results:

YES, Google can run the script and decode the encoded links. It doesn't come as a surprise but it is always good to check for yourself. Now more surprising:

  • Yes google index the link.
  • Yes google pass linkjuice. The page has a unique backlink to and had no PR.


Complementary informations can be found here:
and Google running Jquery: