Drop of rankings after hosting a malware

Mid October, a UK site got infected by a malware. The malware spread though the ad serving system to different page types. The development team cleaned up the malware and patched the system in a day. After having cleaned up the site from the malware, I requested a malware review from the webmaster tools console.

Google resources:



2 days later, our organic traffic from Google.co.uk dropped significantly. The traffic coming from the page types that had been infected dropped from about 80%.


2 weeks later, I submitted the same pages Googlebot visited on the day the site hosted the malware in site maps. I didn’t however any notice in crawl on GWT.
4 weeks later, no sign of improvement. I am submitting a reconsideration as a last hope.

For more info, I found an article about a similar situation. Their rankings got back after 10 days.

Update 10th December:

  • Request for reconsideration
  • 10 days later, we received Google’s usual email answer
  • A week later, our rankings are back for one page type