JP Cenney SEO spring clean up

The facts:


JP cenney has been busted for using is black SEO technics. After a 3 month penalization, everybody shouts “JP cenney is back in the search results!”. Let’s check it out

If they are back, what kind of spring cleaning did they do and what are their new backlink strategies?

But first, The Google police officer, Matt Cutts confirmed the sanction on JP had been lifted. Where do they end up in the search now?

The New York Times article mentioned, JP used to rank really well for the keyword “dresses”.

When I search for “dresses” I cannot find JP in the first 100 results and when I restrict my search:

Using a proxy, their mobile site appear first: A subdomain that could have not have been concerned by the penalization. Not a very strong come back.

Party dresses maybe:

The backlink profile:

Let’s Majestic SEO do the talking…


11 Millions backlinks… Aie! that is going to require two month of my credit. Anyone feels like looking at the amount of domains and links they dropped?