Best CSS framework for SEO

Everybody knows it is more flexible, better coding to write CSS yourself.

  • But is it more efficient?

I am very bad at coding CSS.

  • How can a grid help me out?
  • Which CSS Framework should I chose SEOwise?

My requirements:

I am looking for a grid that is SEO friendly:Where I can push upp or down the different modules so that the navigation appears after the main content of the page.

I need a good control over the Font css.

The nominees are:

Two frameworks stands out:  Blueprint and YUI frameworks followed by960 CSS (less known but that might be more SEO friendly).

YUI framework:
+ Template columns are source-order independent, so you can put your most important content first in the markup layer for improved accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

– Does YUI framework provide us with semantic CSS?