Why should I be an SEO Specialist?

6 reasons why I could be an SEO Specialist.

  • I have a Master of Sc. in computer network which I believe can give me the analytical skills required for this position.
  • I have for a year now, closely monitored the analytics of my site, proposed bounce rate analysis, carried out the “on site” optimization and suggested new keywords to target.
  • In 2008, I developed a language exchange community from scratch. I used basic “on site” optimization techniques. Today the site ranks for competitive keywords and the community counts more than 1800 members
    Through this project, I also manage a small team of volunteers that help me develop this project.
    Daily, I use tools such as Google analytics, site catalyst, Google Webmaster Tools, Semrush to analyze web traffic and fine tune my site.
  • Business minded? My freelance consultancy experience taught the basic rules of running a business: Respecting my customers and their money. It taught me that they were no shortcuts, and that it was better to chose experience over money. I am also graduated of an MBA specialized in market finance…
  • I am entrepreneurial and will gladly share some example of the project I have been working on that should benefit the company.

5 reasons why I want to be an SEO Expert

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