Why do I want to be a SEO Specialist?

5 reasons why I want to be an SEO Expert:

  1. For any Internet Business, a good SEO Strategy is the key success factor. SEO is life. No matter how good the business model or the application are, the site will not perform, buried in the SERP.
  2. Being on top of SEO requires the willingness to continuously discover and adapt. The fast pace of SEO world and the Real Time Optimization offer exciting new challenges.
  3. SEO Expert is at a very strategic position. At the crossing of all departments, the SEO expert is in the driver seat and is accountable for the success of their strategy.
  4. The SEO needs to cooperate with people across the organization so its traffic acquisition strategy is implemented with success.
  5. Finally, there are no universities where you can learn SEO: It is learning by doing and the firm is certainly the best place to develop these skills.

6 reasons why I should be a SEO specialist

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