What is Search Engine Optimization about?

What is SEO? How do we optimize?

Technically, we optimize the ranking when we build the site:
– rewrite URLs, pay attention that the Titles contain Key words, create Tags & Meta Data, RSS flows…
– We pay attention to the accessibility: we validate HTML & CSS and make sure that the site is entirely scrawl-able by the spider of the Search Engine

But the SEO effort don’t stop there. Once the site is running, we
– Submit site maps to the big 3 SE
Align the content with the targets and Keywords.
Develop Link Profile:
I suggest that an Inbound Link building campaign be undertaken across a three to six month period, adding between 20 and 100 links per month depending on the scale of the web site.
– Reference the site in Social book marking/Social Media
– leverage viral marketing and Article Marketing efforts
– improve paid search & landing pages and conversion rates.
– Create Link Bait: a free application/widget/award or ebook that bring attention of the surfers to the site and make them link to your website.

The rewards,
=> your site gets more traffic
=> it enhances the credibility of your brand and products.